Non-profit marketing

Help Others Do Good on Giving Tuesday

Both through Ladder and as an individual, I envision a world where we feel this way every week. Eager to talk about the organizations that matter to us, easily communicating the impact they’ve made in our lives and willing to not only give of our resources, but in some instances double our financial gifts. Read more to learn how you can give to some clients and friends of Ladder.

Women of Confidence in Sport and Life

Have you ever had a moment where you thought or said out loud “all of my work experience actually makes sense right now, it led to this!”…. I never saw this feeling coming and I feel so fortunate to have felt it. It came while I had the privilege of developing the mission, vision, values and brand pillars for The Natasha Hastings Foundation.

What is Brand Voice?

I talk a lot about "Brand Voice" but some people have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about when I say that. How you speak and what you say is just as important as how you look! Personality and tone of voice play a huge part in why we’re drawn to our friends and our favorite brands. So here are a few thoughts on brand voice and it's a good time to ask yourself, are you giving your voice the attention it deserves?

Making Time to Write...

I'm new to blogging, not new to writing. I thought my slow start to this blog was because I wasn't giving myself time to write. It turns out my friction is the stage and the critic, both of which I've created. Here's a lesson learned in entrepreneurship and personal development, make time for the things that are important and also please be kind to yourself.