Fix Your Door Before It's Nice Outside


Spring has finally made an appearance in the Mid-Atlantic! There have been a few false starts here, days that I thought we were definitely in Spring that turned out to be fake outs, because winter showed up again the next day. But it now feels safe to say we’ve finally and officially had our game-changing seasonal performance of the year. We can now happily go outside multiple days in a row. I feel the shift in my body too, there is a noticeable change in my motivation, productivity and in the way I feel more excited to take things on.  I also see the shift in the world around me, everyone is outside and suddenly wearing shorts too.

If you look for it, there is a lot the seasons and their transitions can teach you. On my morning run, I saw many businesses preparing to open windows, garage doors or prop their doors open, officially welcoming the increase in commerce the change in weather is sure to bring. I noticed one owner with a toolbox out fixing several broken hinges on his door and thought to myself “it’s too late now, you should have done that weeks ago!” He may not have known exactly when it would get nice outside, but he knew this day would come. Other businesses were welcoming newly reborn customers, and patrons were blissfully reading newspapers with sunshine and fresh breezes coming in. But this particular business wasn’t ready for the change and didn’t look inviting or prepared. The business seemed to have an “Oh wait, we’re not ready, but we promise we can do that too!” sign blocking the doorway.

So today’s lesson….

Fix your door BEFORE it’s nice outside.  Waiting until after it’s already nice will allow potential customers the opportunity to choose other places.

And similarly….

-Make a necessary and clearer update to your privacy policy BEFORE someone else in the industry messes up and gets their hand slapped. Waiting until after will show your customer you are more concerned about getting in trouble than you are about protecting them.

-Innovate with a new product BEFORE one of your competitors does the same and establishes the credible standard. Waiting until after will make you seem like a copycat brand when you could have been the trailblazer.

-Show your team how much they are valued and create a desirable culture BEFORE someone gives you their two-week notice. Waiting until after will make you look reactive and potentially oblivious.

Don’t wait, be prepared.

It’s really nice outside today. I hope your doors work, that they are open and that you've enjoyed some sunshine and breeze in the good company of happy customers or coworkers.