A Note from Michelle Douglas, Founder

In 2017, I left what I had always called my " dream job" to chase down yet another dream, owning and running a mission-driven brand strategy and communications business. As a former advertising account executive, non-profit marketing director and global brand manager, I had gathered a variety of experience and learned I ultimately wanted to use my talents and expertise to help others do good.  

With the experience of having worked full-time, in-house, for three non-profit organizations, I understand that hiring an in-house marketing human resource is not always the best use of your financial resources or the best use of skills for the talent. I also know that smaller organizations are often unable to prioritize and devote the time to developing core brand strategy and an intentional voice, work I believe is not only vital for effective communication, but enlightening. 

For these reasons, I created Ladder, and whether it’s consulting on your reason for existence and crafting your Mission, Vision and Values or helping you grow to reach more people through more impactful, meaningful messaging, I'm here to help and can’t wait to make your good work known to the world.

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Our Climb

Years ago, in a personal branding workshop, Michelle determined that her personal brand icon would be a ladder. It symbolizes characteristics that she hopes others associate with her and her work: 

connection to a solid foundation. Always looking ahead. A focus on meaningful progress and impact, and the hard work needed to achieve it.

When it came time to develop a name for freelancing work Michelle had started, it occurred to her that she’d already thought of a name, years prior. There was an obvious and authentic choice and it was, Ladder. Not only for the reasons mentioned above, but also as a nod to our belief that a strong foundation is important for organizational growth and impactful messaging comes from within.  

In late 2017, after rounding out her professional palette by adding large for-profit corporate marketing experience to her non-profit and advertising agency skills, Michelle went all in on building the business. We now provide brand strategy & communications services for non-profits, social enterprises and other small businesses doing good and making a positive impact.

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