For Good


For my last job, I commuted over 35 miles each way.  Thankfully I had a good car, one with heated seats and minimal road noise. The subtle highway sound provided just enough white noise for my brain to work while in transit. On my way in, it was filled with preparation for the day, including meeting notes, pitches, action-packed calendar review and early morning calls. On my way home, it worked too, but at night it was a bit more philosophical and reflective than the morning. Often one question would filter it’s way into a spotlight, “What did you actually do today?” almost always followed by, “Was it for good?”

If you’ve read the About section of this website, then you know the job I was in was one I had always wanted, I’d accomplished a long-time goal in obtaining it and succeeding at it, and I loved so many things about it. But along the way to that job I’d also learned that I was more mission-driven than I may have ever thought, and heavy on my mind and heart was the idea of working with non-profits, foundations, small businesses, creative entrepreneurs and a calling that I must use my talents for good.

Now here we are, today I’m proud to introduce to the world, Ladder. A brand strategy and communications company created to help others do good and make important work known.

The name Ladder was chosen for the characteristics the physical object symbolizes:

connection, growth, meaningful progress and the hard work associated with doing things right.  The name is also a nod to our belief that a strong foundation is important for organizational growth and staying close to that center is vital, it’s where the most meaningful work and messaging comes from. 

I don't commute anymore, and a welcomed change from that is the opportunity to type and share when my brain is in overdrive.  That’s what you’ll find here, on this blog: real-life examples, advice, tips, reviews, featured work and lessons learned. All of these thoughts will be related to helping your organization connect, build and share its reason for being and story, so others can not only understand it, but stand for it.