Mission Vision Values

Why Brand Values Matter

When you are starting a business or creating something of your own, figuring out what’s right, best and most effective for you and your business can be one of the hardest things. There’s no template on the shared drive to use, there’s no one from senior leadership providing guidance on your work or prospects. There’s no painted lines or street signs……it’s just you.

Women of Confidence in Sport and Life

Have you ever had a moment where you thought or said out loud “all of my work experience actually makes sense right now, it led to this!”…. I never saw this feeling coming and I feel so fortunate to have felt it. It came while I had the privilege of developing the mission, vision, values and brand pillars for The Natasha Hastings Foundation.

What is the Difference between a Mission and a Vision?

It’s a frequently asked question among clients, “What is the difference between a Mission and a Vision?” And if you’ve asked this, you are not alone, the two are often mistakenly misused or substituted for one another. There is indeed a difference. Your mission is what you do every single day and your vision is what you are working towards, whether that be for your organization specifically or for the world globally.

Let’s take a look at an evolved Mission statement for a brand you will likely use this week and a Vision statement that shows you how to think bigger.

Starbucks: A Culture of Warmth and Belonging

Why does it continue to seem that things have to go wrong first, for people and businesses to talk about and more outwardly share their values?

We must have physical and external ways to show others the things we care about, the things that drive us internally.  For Starbucks that external display is companywide closure, and this isn’t the only one that’s happened in my coffee drinking years. After all, many people go to Starbucks for a taste of community, not just a taste of coffee.  

The Olympic Games: A Mission We Can All Relate To

I admire how the Olympics which are characterized with such extreme effort, also so effortlessly connect us. Read my thoughts on what we can learn from the mission of the Olympic Games. Maybe one day someone will be humming your theme song all day or planning their birthday party in celebration of your movement. Bonus: A look back at my Olympics themed birthday party in 1996!