Help Others Do Good on Giving Tuesday

Both through Ladder and as an individual, I envision a world where we feel this way every week. Eager to talk about the organizations that matter to us, easily communicating the impact they’ve made in our lives and willing to not only give of our resources, but in some instances double our financial gifts. Read more to learn how you can give to some clients and friends of Ladder.

The "King James" Standard: How Lebron Leads a New Era of Athlete Philanthropy

In a way that Chuck Taylor changed the landscape of celebrity-endorsed athletic shoes by improving, promoting and putting his name on a product, Lebron James has now done the same for endorsing philanthropic movements. I call it “The King James Standard” and it’s not only changing the game, but as a benefit, the world.

Women of Confidence in Sport and Life

Have you ever had a moment where you thought or said out loud “all of my work experience actually makes sense right now, it led to this!”…. I never saw this feeling coming and I feel so fortunate to have felt it. It came while I had the privilege of developing the mission, vision, values and brand pillars for The Natasha Hastings Foundation.

Brand Values in the Wild: How Madewell Does Well

Book Publishers and publicists alike are often saying a line that sounds something like “Do more of what you are already known for.” or “Capitalize on what your audience already comes to you for.” Choosing a philanthropic initiative for your brand should be no different. Don't just choose a random philanthropic initiative to check a box, create a meaningful initiative that brings your true brand purpose to life.

What is the Difference between a Mission and a Vision?

It’s a frequently asked question among clients, “What is the difference between a Mission and a Vision?” And if you’ve asked this, you are not alone, the two are often mistakenly misused or substituted for one another. There is indeed a difference. Your mission is what you do every single day and your vision is what you are working towards, whether that be for your organization specifically or for the world globally.

Let’s take a look at an evolved Mission statement for a brand you will likely use this week and a Vision statement that shows you how to think bigger.

Even Your Yoga Pants Can Give Back: Brands with Social Impact

The millennial consumer and the ever-growing expectation for transparency and social impact have changed the way we shop. There’s never been a better time for for-profit brands to share their values. Consumers want to know what issues brands care about and what those brands are doing to use their power to create change.

What is your brand’s relevant and meaningful social impact and how are you making it known?

Brand Pride - What it Means to Stand By Your Product

When you are standing next to your brand or product, vulnerable and hopeful to be accepted and desired, your level of confidence and pride in it is the highest it will ever be. And that sense of brand pride should always be present in today’s economy and environment, even if nine other people interact with the product before it reaches the end consumer.