Fresh From the Oven: Your Most Recent Good Idea


I’m working from a place that smells like France right now. I want to walk up to the counter and ask for “Une fraichement sortie du four.”

One, fresh from the oven. Without having any idea what it actually is.

And the thought occurred to me, “What if we applied this idea to our own businesses?”

What if one day, someone just came up to you and said “I want whatever your most recent idea is. Whatever just came out of the oven.”

Instead, we often highlight two - three offerings that we’ve memorized the recipe for. We really want people to participate in these well-known, practiced offerings with us.

It’s not something we think of often. Surprisingly, bakeries innovate more than many businesses we interact with. They try a new recipe knowing that other constants will be true, that the scent will most likely be attractive and their reputation will continue to draw us in.

This is simply an expansion on a thought, an excitement brought on by a good metaphor and an even better pastry. But it’s a reminder to write down and grow your new ideas.

Don’t stop thinking of new ways to serve others. One day someone might just walk up and ask you for your most recent good idea.