On "Purpose"

What’s our Purpose? What are we going to do with all this future?

What’s our Purpose? What are we going to do with all this future?

At Ladder, we talk a lot about your core reason for being, which could also be referred to as your “Purpose”.

Brand Purpose isn’t a new concept, ever since products and brands were created, they’ve been created with a purpose in mind. In more recent years, a greater number of people have begun to lean in and ask “what do you stand for?” and “why do you exist?”. And even more recently there seems to be a mistaken interpretation and use of brand politics as brand purpose. As more and more consumers seek relationships with brands whose purpose aligns with their personal values, we can all benefit from brands more intentionally sharing why they believe the things they do and why we should join them.

Here are some revealing reads on Purpose that have been gathered over the last few months, enjoy!

How Chobani Builds a Purposeful Culture Around Social Impact
In a sentence: Purpose isn’t just for purchase, companies that leverage their business for social good are rewarded with motivated teams and improved performance.

For Corporate Purpose to Matter, You’ve Got to Measure It
In a sentence: Purpose is an enduring compass in an ever-changing landscape.

In the Pursuit of Purpose, Three Ways to Re-Discover What Your Brand Stands For
In a sentence: Meet the“Belief-Driven Buyer”, they don’t only judge a brand by its products or services but also by what it “stands for.

The Blurring Line Between Brand Purpose and Brand Politics
In a sentence: Politics and purpose aren’t the same.

You Can’t Fool Gen Z: Why “Purpose” is More Than a Buzzword for Successful Brands
In a sentence: You can turn crisis into a real opportunity to state your values.