Inspiring travelers to give back to the places they visit

About our work with wanderlove

WanderLove is a startup non-profit who needed help formalizing their Mission, Vision and Values. They had an outline, but felt as though there were gaps that needed to be filled. Fortunately, WanderLove understood the importance of a Mission, Vision and Values and its role in forming early relationships with donors and stakeholders.

WanderLove offers one-time volunteer opportunities to give back, while on vacation. In 2016, Michelle and Ladder helped WanderLove gain a better understanding of their own brand through facilitation of a Mission, Vision, Values project and a Brand Messaging project. The result was a Mission, Vision and Values statements that WanderLove loved and felt confident sharing, as well as evergreen brand messaging that allowed the organization to begin meaningfully promoting themselves to others.


the work 

We are committed to transforming the way people spend their time on vacation, deepening the connection between the places visited and the people who call them home. Founded upon the desire and conviction to give extravagant love by serving selflessly, we inspire travelers to be adventurous and compassionate, by giving back to the places they visit.

We envision a world filled with compassionate travelers who have redefined adventure, making volunteering on vacation an itinerary must.

Give Love
- We motivate individuals around the world to give of themselves and their time with love.
Chase Adventure - We inspire those with a thirst for adventure to look for it in unexpected places.
Discover Courage - We encourage travelers to be bold, to courageously step outside their comfort zones and immerse themselves in new experiences.
Inspire Compassion - We know that feeling compassion is good, but not enough, and we provide others with ways to display their compassion through acts of service.

“Michelle is a branding expert and wordsmith wonder. Would work with her again and again!”
— Brandy Hill, WanderLove Founder

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