Preparing Moms for the Holiday Season

about our work with trisha's almond toffee 

Founded on a family recipe, Trisha's Almond Toffee is handmade locally in Annapolis, Maryland, and brings joy to customers with a redefined take on a timeless classic. Trisha's Almond Toffee is among Ladder's first for-profit, small business clients and is run by a fellow woman entrepreneur, who successfully balances making toffee by hand, running her own business and being a rockstar new Mom. 

During the holiday season of 2017, Trisha's Almond Toffee was presented with an opportunity to attend an exclusive event and market to a new audience, Moms! While this might seem like an obvious consumer, the majority of Trisha's business and loyal brand fans had come from corporate gifting. Insight from this new target audience revealed that many Moms needed a holiday gifting solution they could have on hand for unexpected needs, that was still unique and thoughtful.  The opportunity to pivot for this event was a great one, and Trisha's owner, Brooke Russ, approached it with admirable agility, quickly concepting and diversifying product mix for the specific audience and use case. The only catch was most of Trisha's existing marketing materials were geared towards corporate gifting and special occasions. Brooke reached out to Michelle to help with a quick-turn creative naming and copywriting project for event materials and website promotion. The result was the introduction of Trisha's Holiday Season Survival Kits, bundled packages of Trisha's tasty and trusted products, the perfect gift for every event on a Mom's holiday calendar, even the ones she didn't know about yet. 

the work

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Naming and copy developed by Ladder. All other creative and images produced by partners of Trisha's Almond Toffee.

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“I cannot say enough how much I needed Michelle. Being an owner of a small business, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of using repetitive language and even eventually losing interest or excitement in your own product. From the first meeting to execution, Michelle took my vision and went above and beyond to execute the project. She was conscious of word count for this project and made sure every. single. word was purposeful. I will be using her for all projects going forward, to ensure my brand and voice are represented well. “
— Brooke Russ, Trisha's Almond Toffee Owner

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