Preserving the field of design for the future

about our work with designed

Designed is a new non-profit, formed in the Fall of 2017, with a full-time dedicated and passionate founder and the quick support and fanfare of a community of more than 200 designers ready to contribute. With strength in numbers, a focused leader and a thoughtful solution for a real unmet need, Designed is destined for greatness. But before they could begin to recruit board members or promote their services, they knew they needed to establish their strategic core. David, the founder of Designed, connected with Michelle through a non-profit resource and the rest is now part of their history and their foundation to begin.




the work

Our Mission: We empower the designers of tomorrow through educational tools and mentoring. 

Our Vision: Be the global platform where designers and future designers connect and grow, creating more fulfilling careers and preserving the field of design for the future.

Our Values:

Educate – We prioritize opportunities to teach and grow.
Empathize – We approach every interaction with empathy and humility.
Empower – We recognize that we all have the capacity to motivate and inspire.
Equip- We develop and provide the most relevant and innovative tools and resources.
Evolve – We will responsibly prepare the next generation of design leaders.


“Michelle is a real pro, she has incredible experience with managing and tackling all the aspects of writing a Mission, Vision and Values strategy ( and much more!) and managing the project. Any organization that has the opportunity to work with and learn from Michelle should consider themselves as lucky as we do.”
— David Simpson, Designed Founder

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